Homework for Grade 5A:

Please go to Mr. James's new website. I have also posted Tuesday's homework below.

Dear Parents and Students,

Students are allowed to bring in laptops, net-books and I-pads to use for academic research
and other academic activities. However, keep in mind that The American School of Bangkok will not be responsible for any theft or damage to this equipment.


James Sweeney
Grade 5a

Tuesday, December 4th. 2012
Math: Practice and Homework 8.5
Writing: Review your second draft. Have you included simple, compound and complex sentences?
Can you include some figurative language? Make sure that you include vivid words. 'Big Write' will be
on Friday.
Science: Complete the worksheet below. See the link below.
Grammar: Language Handbook pages 142 and 143 and the adjective worksheet.
Spelling: Test on Thursday on geography words.
Literature Circles: Read the chapter and complete your task.

Monday, December 3rd. 2012
Math: Reteach, Practice and Homework 8.4
Grammar: Workbook page 141 and the worksheets on adjectives and alien adjectives.
Science: Review worksheet.

Writing: Review your second draft for voice, word choice and sentence fluency.
Social Studies: Do your essay on whether Columbus was a success or a failure.

Thursday, November 29th. 2012
Science: Please review!!!
There will be another science test on Monday.
You will need to know about the functions of roots, stems and leaves.
You should also learn about how non-vascular and vascular plants reproduce.
Reteach and Homework Practice 8.3
Practice 8.3 is a bonus.
Complete your portrait.
Answer the board questions below.

Social Studies:
Answer the questions below.

Complete the worksheet.

Finally you should learn about how humans use plants.
Wednesday, November 28th. 2012
Math: Reteach and Homework 8.2
Science: Please correct your science test. (except ELL)
Social Studies: Worksheets pages 50, 51 and 149
Social Studies: Board Questions below.

Tuesday, November 27th. 2012
Grammar: Review for tomorrow's test on pronouns.
Math: Practice and Homework 8.1
Writing: Complete your second draft.
English Skills: Complete your personification worksheet.

Monday, November 26th. 2012
Science: Review for tomorrow's science test.
Spelling: Complete the geography worksheets
Writing: Complete the three worksheets on hyperbole.
Review for tomorrow's spelling test on collective nouns.
Review for Wednesday's Test on pronouns.
Language Handbook:
page 204- questions 6 to 10
page 205- questions 16 to 20
page 206 questions 6 to 10
page 208 questions 26 to 30
page 209 questions 36 to 40
page 210 questions 6 to 10
Social Studies: Complete the trade routes and explorer's map.

Friday, November 23rd. 2012
Math: Test on Monday on chapter 7. PLEASE REVIEW!
Science: Test on Tuesday. PLEASE REVIEW!
Pronouns Test on Wednesday. PLEASE REVIEW.!
Similes and Metaphors worksheet-the first four pages.
Math: Textbook page 189- Do the graphs on set B and set C.
Grammar: Language Handbook:
page 205 questions 11 to 15,
page 206 questions 1to 5
page 208 questions 21 to 25
page 209 questions 31 to 35
page 210 questions 1 to 5

Thursday, November 22nd. 2012

Science: Review for tomorrow's test on animals and their adaptations.
Watch the science videos on yesterday's homework page.
Social Studies: Complete the questions below.

Please check out this website. It is fantastic.
Math: Review for Monday's Test.
Complete textbook page 188. Do not create any graphs.

Wednesday, November 21st. 2012
Math: Reteach, Practice and Homework 7.5
Review for tomorrow's pronoun test. Try some of these games to help you review.
Science: review for Friday's science test.

Social Studies: Answer the board questions on the Reformation and the worksheet.

Tuesday, November 20th. 2012
Math: Reteach, Practice and Homework 7.5
Review for Thursday's pronoun test and Friday's science test.
Writing: Complete the opening paragraph and the three middle paragraphs.
Literature Circles: Do your role.

Monday, November 19th. 2012
Math: Reteach, Practice and Homework 7.4
Social Studies and Science:
Please do the questions below.

Social Studies:Worksheet 148
Spelling: Collective Nouns worksheets

Friday, November 16th. 2012
Math: Please do corrections.
Science: Complete all the worksheets.
Science: Textbook page A118 and A119-questions 1 to 22.
Science: Test on Wednesday on plants and their adaptations - pages A88 to A119.
Spelling: Test on Tuesday. Please review.
Pronouns: Test on Thursday.
Writing: If you type up your persuasive paragraph, you can send it to Mr.Gill and it might go into the ASB Times. Please send your paragraph as an attachment to..

Thursday, November 15th. 2012
Math: Practice, Homework and Reteach 7.3
Social Studies: Review for tomorrow's test on Europe.

Wednesday, November 14th. 2012
Art: Complete your 'Mona Lisa' sketch. Bring or send me your pic by Friday.
Spelling City: If you have time, check out 'Words of the Day 2'.
Math: Practice, Homework and Reteach Worksheets 7.2
Social Studies: Review for Friday's Test on Europe.
Make sure that you can answer two of the questions below in detail.

Science: Worksheets : Compare and contrast how tomatoes and potatoes using a Venn diagram.
Compare and contrast how plants reproduce worksheet.
Grammar: Language Handbook page 140
Writing: Use the checklist and then publish your persuasive paragraph.
Spelling: Create sentences using the ten words from this week's list. Four of the sentences should be complex.
The answers from yesterday's 'thinking outside the box' questions.

* 1. The last person took the basket with the egg in it.

* 2. All the other card players were women.

* 3. Pour the juice from the second glass into the fifth.

* 4. The recluse was a lighthouse keeper.

Tuesday, November 13th. 2012
Math: Practice and Homework worksheets 7.1
Science: First two worksheets.
Social studies: Review for Friday's Test.
Try and find the logical answer to these questions. Think outside the box.
external image ?ui=2&ik=32fd4f0294&view=att&th=13af8a76dffe1b70&attid=0.4&disp=emb&realattid=ca68e480ad9cde26_0.1&zw&atsh=1
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Friday, November 9th. 2012
Social Studies: Read the chapter on the 'Middle Ages' for a quiz on Monday.
Literature Circles on Monday.
Spelling Test on Tuesday- Please Review.
Social studies Test on Wednesday on the geography of Europe, ancient Greece, the Romans and the Middle Ages. Please read and review.
Science: There will be a test on plants and their adaptions at the end of next week or the beginning
of the week after. Start to review now.
Art: Please email me a photograph of yourself- head and shoulders.

Thursday, November 8th. 2012
Science: Answer the board questions below.

Math: Textbook page 168
Writing: Complete your first draft for your persuasive paragraph.
Social Studies: Complete the generalization worksheet.
Grammar: Complete page 136 in your Language Handbook.
Please e-mail me a head and shoulder's photograph.
Spelling test on Monday.
Read about the Romans in your textbook. Quiz tomorrow.
Wednesday, November 7th. 2012

Math: Textbook page 166
Review for Friday's math test.
Science: Answer the questions below.

Social Studies:
Answer the questions below.

Read and review about the ancient Greeks for a five question quiz tomorrow.
Make sure you have the plan for your persuasive paragraph.

Test on Monday.

Tuesday, November 6th. 2012

Math: Practice and Homework 6.7

Read the worksheet and answer the questions below.

English Skills:
Figurative Language Worksheets-pages 60 and 61
Social Studies:

Do the questions below.
Reread textbook pages 270 to 274.

Monday, November 5th. 2012

Practice and Homework 6.6
Measurement Chart:

Social studies:
Read the link below and write a summary about why today is a special day in England.
1 What are the two ways that plants reproduce?
2 What are the main differences between how vascular and non-vascular plants reproduce?
3 How do non-vascular plants and simple vascular plants reproduce?
4 How is the beginning stage of reproduction similar in non-vascular plants and simple vascular plants?
5 How does the call formed from reproduction in a fern differ from that formed in a moss?
Social Studies:
1 Why did Rome remain important after the fall of the Roman Empire?
2 What changes took place under the rule of Charlemagne?
3 What were the functions of the Church in medieval times?
4 Draw a timeline of important events in this era.
Friday, November 2nd. 2012

Math: Practice and Homework 6.5
Math: Chapter 6 test next Thursday. Please review.
Spelling: Please write a sentence for each spelling word. Please review for a test next Friday.
See 'This week's spelling list' to your left.

Thursday, November 1st. 2012

Math: Practice and Homework 6.4
Science: Worksheet on leaves.
Social Studies: Synthesize worksheet. I need to see your notes.
Spelling Test tomorrow: Please review.
Math Retest Tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 31st. 2012

Math: Practice and Homework 6.3
Grammar Workbook: page 134
Writing: Complete the editing of your narrative. 'Big Write' tomorrow.
Social Studies: Complete your Halloween report.
Art: Complete your ghost picture.
Spelling: Review for Friday's Test.
Literature Circles: Please read the next chapter and prepare for your part.

Tuesday, October 30th. 2012

Math: Practice and Homework 6.2
Science: Worksheet-(see Monday's Vascular Plant 2 Leaves)
Spelling: Write ten sentences using this week's words.
See this Week's Spelling List in the column on the left.
Grammar: Language handbook pages 131,132, and 133.

Monday, October 29th. 2012

Spelling: Review for tomorrow's spelling test.
simian-monkey like
notorious-famous for bad reasons
toil-work hard and slowly
jostle-bump, elbow
flag-wilt, loose power
heed-listen to
overwhelming-too powerful

Complete your classwork.

Literature Circles:
Read the next chapter and complete your job.

Social Studies:
Complete your Halloween Paragraph.

Complete the questions below.

Wednesday, October 17th. 2012
Please review for tomorrow's science test and math test.

Tuesday, October 16th. 2012
Math: Practice and Homework 18.6
Grammar: Language Handbook- page 126
Science: Punnet Square Worksheet
Complete the worksheets done in class.
Writing: Write a first draft for your Heaven or Hell narrative.

Monday, October 15th. 2012
Math: Practice and Homework 18.5
Science: Textbook Pages A86 and A87 questions 1 to 20

Friday,October 12th. 2012
Math: Practice and Homework 18.4
Literature Circles for Monday.
Tests next week: (hopefully)
Science: Heredity
Romans: Quiz
Math: Chapter 18
Spelling: Review of first quarter and clips test.

Thursday, October 11th. 2012
Math: Practice and Homework 18.3

Science: Textbook page A80 Review
Worksheets WB42 and WB47

Plan for your narrative.

Language Handbook page 125

Wednesday, October 10th. 2012
Language Handbook Pages 202 and 203

Worksheet on Inherited Traits

Worksheet WB55

Social Studies:
Complete the worksheet on Roman gifts from the past.

1 If you could be a famous TV character, who would you be? Why?

2 If you close your eyes and see yourself in ten years time, what would you see?What are you doing? Do you have a job? If so, what?

Tuesday, October 9th. 2012
Read chapter 1 of your book and complete your literature circles assignment for Friday.
Complete all assignments for chapter 5 and do any corrections that are needed.
Review for a chapter 5 test tomorrow.
Textbook 133 Set E
Worksheets- Practice and Homework 18.2
Worksheet below on complete metamorphosis.

Complete the noun worksheet.

Monday, October 8th. 2012

Math: Practice and Homework 18.1
Math: Textbook page 132-questions 3 to 25
Science: Worksheet on Life cycles.
Spelling: Complete clip worksheets- first two sheets.
Spelling: Test tomorrow on words from other cultures.

Please go to Spelling City website each week and practice your spelling.
The username is James Sweeney. Sign in with my name and click on it. Go to 'find a list' and play the spelling games.
This month's song.
'Father and Son' by Cat Stevens now known as Yusuf Islam.
Please enjoy and learn the lyrics.

Famous Romans:
Julius Caesar
Wednesday, October 3rd. 2012
Math: Practice, Homework Worksheets 5.6 Reteach is a bonus. Lattice bonus worksheet.
Science: Regeneration and asexual worksheet.

Nouns: Worksheet-page 33 and page 34.
Writing: Please revise your narrative for word choice and sentence fluency.

Friday, October 5th. 2012
Math: Practice and Homework 5.7
Spelling: Review for Monday's Test-s,sh and z sound and words from other cultures.
Spelling: Complete the s/z/sh sounds.
Social Studies: Watch the news in English or if not in your native language.
You need to take notes and give a one minute report. It should be on an international story.
RAZ KIDS: Read for 30 minutes.

Thursday, October 4th. 2012
Math: Textbook page 121- questions 7 to 16.
Science: Worksheet.

Social Studies: Write a paragraph on Roman achievements.

Grammar: Worksheets pages 35, 36 and 37.
Spelling: Review for Monday's test.
Tuesday, October 2nd. 2012
Science: Cell Division
Watch the video below.

If you want to read ahead for science:

Spelling: Worksheets
Hand Writing: Worksheet
English Skills: Quotation Marks Worksheets
Math: Textbook 119- questions 7 to 11 for classwork and
questions 22 to 26 for homework.

Monday, October 1st. 2012
Math: Homework 5.3
Social Studies: Please complete your famous Roman.
Read on RAZ KIDS for 20 minutes.

Friday, September 28th. 2012
Guided Reading for one hour over the weekend.
Math: Practice and Reteach 5.3
Spelling and definition test on Monday- vile, lice, ripe, gape, dine, vice

Thursday, September 27th. 2012
Science: Test on classification.
Spelling: Test on eponyms
Phonics: Complete the worksheet.
Writing: Complete your first two paragraphs.
Math: Page 113 questions 15 to 19
and page 133 set B

Wednesday, September 26th. 2012
Spelling- Eponyms-go onto Spelling City and practice

Textbook Page 111-Questions 7 to 16
Textbook Page 133 Set A

Textbook- Pages A58 and A59 questions 1 to 27

Complete your opening paragraph on a picnic in a forest.
Remember to show, not tell. Use sensory details.

Worksheet page 18

Tuesday, September 25th. 2012
Math: Review for tomorrow's chapter 4 test.
Math: Complete the word problem worksheet.

Math: Complete the Sumerian Worksheet.
Spelling: Complete the eponyms worksheets.
Social Studies: Revise and edit your paragraph on education in ancient Greece.
Science: Complete the worksheet.

Review for Friday's Test on science.

Monday, September 24th. 2012
Roman Education:
Roman Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YtP46drL-g&feature=related
Math: Textbook Page 106
Math: Review for Wednesday's chapter 4 test.
Science: Review for Thursday's test on classification.
English: Complete the first three worksheets.
Social Studies: Do your first draft in your notebook.
Friday, September 21st. 0212
Math: Test on Wednesday.
Science: Test on Thursday.
Math: Practice and Homework 4.7
Science: Complete all the science worksheets.
Phonics: Complete the long a worksheets.
Tables: Complete the worksheet and review for a test next Friday.
Grammar: Complete the two worksheets.

Thursday, September 20th. 2012
Math: reteach, Practice and Homework 4.6

Math: Please do corrections for 4.4
Math Test next Wednesday.
Spelling: Go on to Spelling City and review for tomorrow's spelling test on homographs.
Review the pronunciation as well.
Science: Worksheet WB35
Grammar: Complete the noun worksheet.

Write a simple sentence about school.
Write a compound sentence about your father or mother.
Write a complex sentence about shopping.
Write a compound sentence about the weather.
Write a complex sentence about yourself.

Wednesday, September 19th. 2012
Math: Textbook Page 97 Questions 4 to 13
Math: Textbook Page 107 Set D
Science: Textbook Page A 53 Review
Science: Worksheets WB 32 and WB 34
Social Studies: Questions will appear below.

Social Studies: ELL

Tuesday, September 18th. 2012
Math: Reteach, Practice and Homework 4.4
Science: Worksheet WB29
Spelling Worksheet page 26
RAZ KIDS: Read for 20 minutes.

Monday, September 17th. 2012
Reading: Please read RAZ KIDS for 20 minutes tonight.
Social Studies: There will be a short quiz on the ancient Greeks tomorrow.
Social Studies: Answer the questions below.

Science: Textbook page A47 Review.
Math: Reteach, Practice and Homework 4.3
Spelling: Pages 24 and 25.

Friday, September 14th. 2012
Math: Textbook page 89- questions 1 to 10
Math: Textbook page107- set B
Social Studies: There will be a small quiz on ancient Greece on Tuesday.
RAZ KIDS; Please read for 30 minutes.

Thursday, September 13th. 2012
Spelling Test tomorrow on homophones and words with a vowel before the letter r.
Math: Textbook Page 87- questions 1 to 20 Homework: Textbook page 107- Set A
Math: Multiplication Test on tables 1 to 12 and/or 1 to 13
Science: Textbook Page A 41- Review Questions 1 to 5
Science: ELL: Please do the worksheet below.

English: Complete your first draft about yourself.

Wednesday, September 12th. 2012
Social Studies: There will be a quiz on ancient Greece this Friday. Please read the chapter on ancient Greece in your textbook.
Social Studies: Write your report on 'Gifts from the Past' from Greece.
Science: Do your report on Alexander Fleming.

Math: Do your multiplication worksheet.
Spelling: Go to 'Spelling City' and review for Friday's test.
Tuesday, September 11th. 2012
Math: Please Review for Tomorrow's Chapter 3 Test.
Math: Complete the word problem worksheet.

Science: Complete the summary on Edward Jenner

Spelling: Please go to spelling city and learn the words.
Spelling: Please complete the two sets of worksheets.

Monday, September 10th. 2012
Math: Textbook Page 82 questions 5 to 25.
Math: Multiplication Worksheet
Social Studies: Write a summary in your own words on either Alexander the Great, Aristotle or Socrates.

Friday, September 7th. 2012
Math: 3.8 Practice and Homework
Spelling: Complete the compound words worksheet.
Review for Monday's spelling test.
Handwriting Worksheet.
English Skills: Complete the worksheet below.

Thursday, September 6th. 2012
Science: Please review for tomorrow's test on cells to body systems.
Complete the science worksheets.
Answer these process questions:
1 What are organelles? What are organs? How are they similar?
2 What do receptors do? Give one example of how they keep you safe.
3 If you were using a microscope, how could you tell that the cell was an animal cell?

Math: Practice 3.7 questions 1 to 7 and 20 to 22.
Homework Worksheet 3.7
Times Tables Test tomorrow.

Writing: Revise your two paragraphs and be ready to edit them tomorrow.

Spelling Test only on these words: soul, smoke, move, clue, fruits, lose, chose, stole, prove, produce, juice, drove

Wednesday, September 5th.
Read about a Greek god or goddess.
Write a summary about what you read.
Draw a picture and add a caption.
Math: Practice and Homework worksheets 3.6
Please make sure that you do your multiplication tables worksheet.
Answer the questions below in detailed form.
1 What do muscles help us to do?
2 Why are red blood cells like taxis? Who are there passengers? Why do we need them?
3 Name the three types of muscles. Which ones can we choose to move? Why can't we
move the other types of muscles?
Spelling: Go to Spelling City and practice the spelling for both tests.

Friday, September 7th.
Write a report on either Aristotle, Socrates or Alexander the Great.
Draw a picture and add a caption.

Tuesday, September 4th. 2012
Tomorrow is swimming. If you come to school you must swim. If you are ill and cannot swim then you should not be at school.
Please bring in your club forms and Google permission forms.
Math: Practice and Homework 3.5
Social Studies: Forms of Government Worksheet.

Science: Textbook pages A32 and A33- questions 1 to 28.
Spelling: Compound words- page 18
Long o and U vowel worksheet pages 14 and 15.
Writing: Do your first draft for a narrative.

Friday, August 31st. 2012

Practice 3.4 odd numbered questions.
Homework worksheet- all questions.
The Nervous System worksheet.

Social Studies:
Complete the 5 Themes of Geography worksheet.

Math: Practice and Homework 3.3
Science: Bones and Muscles Questions. See below.

Writing: Metaphor Worksheet and sentence worksheet.
Metaphors in your notebook- 10 sentences.
and write two sentences using a metaphor for each and a spelling word
Spelling: Test tomorrow. Please go to Spelling City-James Sweeney- Antonyms 4

Wednesday, August 29th. 2012
Math: Practice and Homework 3.2
Grammar: Write six complex sentences-three beginning with the dependent clause and three
beginning with the independent clause.
Social Studies: Do a report on either Sparta or Athens.
Social Studies: Worksheet page 144-the Geography of Europe.
Spelling test tomorrow. (Spellings only)
Sentence Test on Friday.

Tuesday, August 28th. 2012
Math: Please review for tomorrow's Chapter 2 test.
Math: Practice and Homework 3.1
Social Studies: James Bond Worksheet.
Grammar: Compound Sentence Worksheets. (not ELL)
Spelling Test on Thursday for the long a students.
Sentence Test on Friday and spelling test for everyone.

Monday, August 27th.2012

Spelling: Worksheets- Please complete them.
Science: Pages WB6 and WB11 Worksheets
Science: Excretory Worksheet
Bonus: Digestive System Crossword.
Math: Textbook Page 45
Review for Wednesday's test on chapter 2

Friday, August 24th. 2012

Math: Practice and Homework 2.6
Textbook page 44 questions 5 to 20
Math worksheet below.

Science: The digestive system worksheet.
RAZ Kids: please read for 30 minutes.

Thursday, August 23rd. 2012
Math: Practice and Homework 2.5
Math: Retest tomorrow on chapter 1
Social Studies: Map Practice -Latitude and Longitude
Spelling Test tomorrow on Antonyms.
Writing: Write a summary about South African police killing 30 miners.

Wednesday, August 22nd. 2012
Math: Practice 2.4 questions 1 to 10
Math: Homework 2.4
English Skills: Pages 3 and 4
Summarizing: Write a summary on a story from the website below. You must complete the 5 steps in the writing process.

Summarizing: Please complete and correct the summary that you did in class.

Phonics: Complete the three worksheets.
Review for Friday's spelling test-math chapter 1 retest and a quiz on sentences.

Tuesday, August 21st. 2012
Math: Practice and Homework 2.3
Social Studies: Assignment 1
Write an informative paragraph on the geography of Greece.
Start with a topic sentence, add supporting details and end with a closing sentence.
You will also need to do a drawing connected with your paragraph. Write a caption underneath
explaining your drawing.

Monday, August 20th.2012

Grammar: Write five sentences using a compound subject or a compound predicate.
Spelling: Write five sentences: a compliment about your father, a criticism about a neighbor,
a sentence about being fatigued, a sentence about something that you made that was flimsy and
a sign that prohibits something.
Writing: Write a paragraph about the most interesting gift that you received. remember to include a topic sentence, supporting details and a closing sentence.
Math: Practice and Homework 2.2
Science: Complete the worksheet on the respiratory system below.

Social Studies: Complete the worksheet.
Handwriting: Worksheet page 6

Friday, August 17th.2012
Math: Practice and Homework 2.1
Social Studies: Please do the worksheets below.

Spelling: Please complete the antonym worksheet first page.
Science: Please in your notebook do the worksheet below.

Grammar: There will be a test next week on sentences.

Thursday, August 16th. 2012
Reading: Please read from Raz Kids for 20 minutes.
Please do the www.kubbu.com crossword.
Spelling: Complete the worksheets.
Character analysis: Complete the four traits and evidence below.

Writing: Please revise, edit and publish your paragraph on the first day of school.

Wednesday, August 15th. 2012
Math: Textbook page 25.
Math: Review for tomorrow's chapter 1 test.
Science: Please make sure you have completed assignments 1 to 3.
Grammar: Complete the subject and predicate worksheet.
Writing: Complete the prewrite and write sections for your first day at school.

Tuesday, August 14th. 2012
Grammar: Complete the subject and predicate worksheets.
Math: Textbook Page 24
Science: Please draw color and label an animal cell and a plant cell. Please complete the worksheet below.

Social Studies: Please read the worksheet and answer the questions below.

Spelling: Review for tomorrow's test.

Friday, August 10th. 2012

Math: Practice and Homework 1.7 Please do corrections and complete all missing work.
Grammar: Complete the sentence sheets.
Writing: Complete the writing worksheet.
Phonics: Complete the worksheet.
Please do the first two domino games on WWW.Kubbu.com
You have your password.
The user name is jsweeney
Please read for 30 minutes on RAZKIDS.com
user name:ggrade6a

Thursday, August 9th. 2012
Social Studies
Play Hangman about European flags.
Click on the link below.
Name the European countries.
Click on the link below.
Match the country and its capital city.
Click on the link below.
Please do the quizzes on the website below.

Assignments below.


Review vocabulary for a quiz on cells tomorrow.
Grammar: This assignment is not for ELL students.

Handwriting: Complete the worksheet.

Wednesday, August 8th. 2012

Everyone please do:
Math: Practice and Homework Worksheet 1.6
Spelling: Review for Monday's Test

ELL please do not do these assignments unless you want to:
Grammar: Please do the assignment below.

English Skills: Please do the assignment below.

Tuesday, August 7th. 2012

Math: Practice and Homework: 1.5
Writing: Please complete the worksheet below.

Spelling: Complete the worksheet.
Social Studies:
Please complete the assignment below.

PE tomorrow.

Monday, August 6th.2012
Science: Complete Assignment 1

Social Studies:
Complete Assignment 1

Math: Textbook page 11
Homework Worksheet 1.4
Spelling: Three worksheets
Friday, August 3rd. 2012
Please review for Monday's spelling test.
Spelling List: Synonyms Review for Monday's Test
veto- to say no
receptacle- a container
blunder- mistake
hazardous- dangerous
rash- not thinking before doing something careless
outstanding- fantastic
generally- usually
variable- changeable
novice, beginner
quiver- shake

Math: Please complete homework and practice 1.1 to 1.3

Writing a paragraph:
Complete the worksheet below.